Change Won’t Power to Willpower


1. Plan ahead.

Define your obstacles and have a plan for overcoming them. Prepare for temptation. If you are dining out, look on the restaurant’s web site for nutrition information and plan what you’ll eat before you go. If you are going to a party, eat a healthful meal before you go and only snack on raw fruits and veggies if available.

2. Write up a contract for yourself.

A written contract for weight loss or blood sugar control will keep you on track. Better yet, go public with your plans. Create a written document of your goals and actions steps and post it

• on your refrigerator
• online via Facebook, blog, or social network
• on the bulletin board at work

You will gain more support and accountability if others know what your plans are.

3. Be physically active early in the day.

You are less likely to be active once your day is rolling. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier to get in your favorite exercise routine. It can be as simple as walking.

4. Do you have a social network?

You’re more likely to lose weight if others join in. Enlist your spouse, family, friends or co-workers.
Now YOU have the tools to change won’t power to WILL power. You can do it!
See you on the sidewalk!

Contact me for additional information.

Diana Young, RD, LD/N, CDE
Registered and Licensed Dietitian
Certified Diabetes Educator


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