40 Days of Action

no more stress

Recently, the focus at iChange was stress.   For 7 days, I pondered the topic of stress.  And it led me to take action in my own life.

While researching stress, I found that the bulk of information provided on the web focused on techniques to relieve stress.  Not much was directed at solving the underlying issue of what’s causing your stress.  So, here’s a plan of action:

1. Pinpoint the cause of your stress

2. Brainstorm solutions

3. Take action

4.  Set up accountability

During this past week, I asked others to really look at the underlying issue.   Why are you stressed?
I had to ask myself the same question.  Why am I stressed?

Yes, I am stressed.  And to relieve my stress I seek out quiet time, times for reflection, and meditation.   I realized I wasn’t really focusing on the cause of my stress.

First I had to determine the exact cause of my stress:

I’m a caregiver for a 91 year old that has dementia.  I’ve been her caregiver for 7 years.  It is the major source of my stress.  I need a solution.

If I’m really honest with myself, I had a solution back in June 10, 2008 but obviously I failed to act on that solution.   This week of focusing on stress made me realize I had to take action.

I am finally taking action.   My goal, also known as my light at the end of the tunnel,  will be realized in the next 40 days.   I’ve allowed myself 40 days to hire a caregiver to replace me.  It will be done.   Make it so, Number One

Why 40 days? I want to move to Mount Dora which would require enrollment in a new school for my daughter before the end of August.  I’m done with homeschooling – It’s apparent that I’m ill-equipped for such a task.   It was an experience that I won’t soon forget but at the time I had to come up with an option to get my daughter out of the “predator” environment that she was in.

Today and every day I will do at least one thing that gets me closer to my goal.  If you have followed me on Facebook you know I have already begun taking action.


Just by posting my plan of action I have created accountability for myself.  I know my friends will keep me on task.

What is causing your stress?  What action can you take today and every day to get rid of that “situation” that is causing you stress?


2 responses to “40 Days of Action

  1. Yahoo! Forty days is nothing! I fully believe that we can endure anything as long as we can see the end. And now the end is in sight. Yes!!

  2. You’re absolutely right. 40 days is nothing – which means I need to locate a home health aide ASAP. It WILL happen.

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