Motivate Me


Motivation is simply the motive or reason for engaging in a particular behavior and it is usually tied to how we are feeling at the moment.

“Motivation” should be about what you choose, not how you feel.

So if you feel like exercising, you are motivated, and if you don’t feel like exercising, you aren’t.  If you feel like planning a weekly menu you are motivated and if you don’t feel like planning, you aren’t motivated.

So, let’s change our definition of motivation.

Motivation is . . . . . making a choice . . . . . to take action . . . . . for a result . . . . . whether we feel like it or not.

Let’s talk about this for a moment.

1. Making a Choice.

Everything is a choice.   Choice = Results.   Good Choices = Good Results.  Bad Choices = Bad Results.   From the time you are born, until the time you die, you will literally make hundreds and hundreds of choices.   Every choice has a result.

2. To Take Action

Once we make a choice for a result, the mind automatically goes into the mode of:  “What action do I need to make in order to achieve the result?”  This is how we develop our action plan for choosing and accomplishing results in our lives.   If you don’t know what action to take to achieve your result, you mind will go into the mode:  “Where do I go to learn what to do to accomplish this result?”

The reason we take action is for the result.

3. For a Result

What results do you choose for your health, your body, and your eating habits?  Write them down.  I’ll wait.  It is important that you develop a “result-driven” mindset.

4. Whether You Feel Like It or Not.

When you make a choice to take action for a result, then how you feel does not enter into the equation.  How many times do you do what you do, when you do not feel like it?  If you have children, how many times do you get up in the middle of the night to take care of your child when you did not feel like it? – You were motivated.   If you have a husband, how many times have you made him dinner after working all day at your job when you did not feel like it?  – You were motivated.

We are “Motivated” when we make a choice to take action for a result whether we feel like it or not.   Motivation is not about “feeling”,  it is simply about “choosing”.   We can have a motivated day every day we choose to.   Should we choose to have a “laid-back” day, that is great . . . that is a choice as well.

Successful people follow through whether they feel like it or not.

What results do you want?

  • write them down
  • set a realistic deadline
  • list 5 compelling reasons why you MUST achieve this result
  • Do it now

If you’d like to share your results and reasons in the comment section, I’d love to hear them.

inspiration:  Dr. Zonnya, America’s First Lady of Motivation


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