Morning Workout Tactics

Guest post by Amanda from iChange

With the new year many folks vowed to start getting their workouts in…gasp in the morning.  After a few weeks this resolve waivered..but with swimsuit season on the horizon it’s become a resolution once again.  I used to be an evening only person, so I see the fear, the wide-eyed how the bleep will this work looks many are giving each other.

But as a converted morning runner/workout person, I think every morning workout fiend will tell you it’s really worth it.  You feel better throughout the day and you are completely awake before getting to work, which let’s be honest is pretty refreshing when dealing with certain people.

Here are a few tips to get started:
A. Establish a schedule: Your body has to get used to going to bed and rising at the same time, this will make it soooo much easier.
B. Sleep: You may not be able to stay up until midnight all the time if you really want to get in a great workout in the AM.
C. Movement: Start by swinging your arms in circles, do some side twists…strangely just these few moves will start to wake you up and help you feel a little more motivated to get going.
D. Preparation: Layout your clothes, have a quick breakfast ready to go, pack your lunch the night before, have your work clothes picked out…in other words do whatever you can to make your morning faster.
E. Joy: Find the workout you enjoy the most and start there. Maybe that means a cardio or spin class where you can meet friends, maybe it’s a mentally refreshing yoga class or a stress busting run.

My recent travel schedule has made it harder to workout each morning, so many workouts are happening in the evenings these days.  This has been great for burning off stress, but really I prefer to start my day with that feeling of health and carry it through in the rest of my actions.

What dictates your workout schedule?  Are you a morning or evening person?


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