10 diets. 20 weeks.

The Human Diet Experience!!

Exciting News!

Mark your calendars – April 19th, the Human Diet Experience will begin.  Fitness trainer Juliet Kaska* has teamed up with iChange to share her experience in a social weight loss forum.  Juliet gained 33 pounds just to take on the most popular diet plans:

Sugar Busters

The Abs Diet

Eat More Weigh Less

The Mediterranean Diet

South Beach Diet



5-Factor diet

The Zone

The last diet will be chosen by popular vote of the online participants from the iChange community.  Juliet will spend 2 weeks on each diet plan.  She will begin with Sugar Busters.

Join Juliet and myself as we discuss the successes, pitfalls, rewards and challenges of Sugar Busters.

Read Sugar Busters! with the iChange community.

*Juliet Kaska is one of the country’s leading fitness experts, celebrity trainers, and fitness entrepreneurs.

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4 responses to “10 diets. 20 weeks.

  1. It’s an interesting experiment, but I think that someone who purposely gained weight to lose it is in a different situation and mindset from most of us who have struggled with weight for a long time.

  2. oh what a neat idea, i’d love to see what she finds

  3. she gained 33 pounds just to do this? that sounds incredibly unhealthy, and quite honestly, pretty dumb. interesting concept, but you should have started with someone at their natural weight.

  4. I’ll definitely watch her blog for updates but I see a few problems with the experiment.

    1. She’s only doing each diet for 2 weeks. There’ll be no way to really judge each diet approach in isolation since there may be a cumulative effect by the end.

    2. I assume she’ll have plenty of opportunities to exercise daily.

    3. It’d be interesting to see if her metabolism has slowed at all since gaining the weight.

    Aside from all this, it definitely will be interesting to see how she goes about it and what her experience is like.

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