How to start exercising

Guest Post by Jill Armstrong Group Leader for iChange

So you’ve finally decided that you really need to begin exercising, but you’re not sure where to start. Well, I’m here to ease you into it. In just 5 days, you’ll be workin’ it out with the best of them.

Now let me first begin by saying I am not an exercise expert. I am not an expert at anything (except when it comes to Rice Krispie Treats – I am an expert RKT-maker). What I am is a woman who has stopped and started exercising more times than she can count and when I need to start slowly these are the steps I take (remember to get clearance from your doctor before beginning any exercise program):

Day 1) Put on some comfy clothes and comfy shoes.  Walk around your bedroom and make sure you have plenty of wiggle room in those stretched out sweat pants. Good?  Okay great – you’re done for the day! Seriously, just taking the first step is a huge deal so congratulate yourself!

Day 2) Put on your comfy clothes again and this time we are going to actually MOVE. Here’s what I want you to do: walk to your mailbox and back. Woo Hoo!  You moved!! That’s a great start!

Day 3) Put on your comfy clothes again, walk to your mailbox and back. Now do it again. If you aren’t too winded, do it one more time. Great! You are now on your way to becoming a fit and healthy person (or a mail carrier, whichever comes first).

Day 4) Got your comfy clothes on? Excellent! Now grab a bottle of water and drink some. When you walk to your mailbox, don’t stop. Keep going and walk for 5 minutes (remember to drink your water),  turn around and come back home, then head to the bathroom because you’re going to need to go after all that water.

Day5) Today when you head out, add an extra 5 minutes to your walk. Try to get in a total of 15 mintues. If you don’t feel like it, tell yourself you’ll just walk for 5 minutes. I’ll bet that once those 5 minutes are up you’ll want to keep walking because those endorphins will be kicking in and ooooh, they feel good!

Guess what?! You have now joined the ranks of fitness freaks!!  Once you start exercising regularly you’ll sleep better, your mood will be better, and there will be a spring in your step. People will be drawn to your bubbly personality and great things will begin to happen for you. Or not. Either way, you’ll still feel better.  🙂

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One response to “How to start exercising

  1. Jill, I bet you didn’t think I could find anything funny about this post–WRONG! I was really laughing hard by day three, because if I followed your advice and walked to my mailbox and back three times, I would have done 9 miles LOL! Us country folk have a ways to walk to the mailbox!

    Seriously, Jill–great post. And those darn ‘healthy oatmeal cookies’ in the post below are haunting me. Fortunately, I have taken a vow of non-baking until I finish my Vicky food next week!

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