Healthy Italian Tilapia

I mentioned over at The Sassy Pear that I was going out for dinner last night to my favorite Italian restaurant.  I had the grilled tilapia with lemon capers with a side of plain garlic pasta,  lettuce salad and a glass of white zinfandel.  Before I ordered, I had made the decision to split my meal in half and share it with a family member.  Good choice.  I was pleasantly satisfied and not stuffed.  They brought garlic bread to the table but I left it for everyone else,  knowing I made a wise decision for my health.  So using the ichange nutrition journal I calculated my calories which came to about 250.  Not bad.

What do you order at your favorite Italian restaurant?  Pizza?  Pasta? Do you know how many calories you’re consuming?  Have you made some good choices?

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2 responses to “Healthy Italian Tilapia

  1. Usually I try to find grilled shrimp. Most places have at least that and honestly, I could eat that all day! That’s my go-to entree whenever I go somewhere. Bread is still very hard for me to resist though!

  2. Yes, and even if my main dish isn’t THE healthiest on the menu, I always ask for my side to be a salad with no cheese, croutons, or dressing, OR request steamed veggies, with no oils, butter, etc. Not as tasty as my all-time vice, the French Fry, but it makes me feel better about eating out!

    Also, thank goodness for my new Google phone and the fact that I can check restaurant nutritional info online BEFORE I scarf 3 pieces of Cali Pizza Kitchen pizza… instead, I’ll just have 2 =)

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