My Thoughts on the Element Autocode Blood Glucose Meter

Today I had the opportunity to test the new blood glucose meter called “Element”. Overall I thought it was a very useful meter. I like the fact that it only required a very small blood sample and before I even put the meter back down on the table I got my reading. Wow! Another great advantage was I didn’t have to manually code the machine, you just insert the strip and it automatically codes it. I like that. What I didn’t care for was the type of batteries that are required – 2 lithium batteries. I don’t usually keep that type of battery lying around the house. And I also could have done without the strip ejector. The meter was very light in weight, so my first impression was “mickey mouse” – but far from it. The Element glucose meter has excellent accuracy and precision when compared to laboratory standards. Here is a description of the element meter and a website for your convenience:

* 3 Second Test Time
Fastest Test Result on the market
* Color Code Calibration
Light Reflective Technology Eliminates Errors
* 0.3 µl Blood Sample
Smallest Sample of Blood on the market
* 7 Approved Test Sites
Upper Arm, Palm, Dorsal Hand, Thigh, Forearm, Finger tip and Calf
* Meal of Activity Recognition
Designate Meals or Activates Related to each Test Result
* Test Strip Ejector
Protects Against Cross Contamination
* Download Test Results
Through USB Cable to Your Desktop
* Gox Chemistry
Not Affected by Presence of Non-Glucose Sugars

Have you tried the Element meter? What are your thoughts?


13 responses to “My Thoughts on the Element Autocode Blood Glucose Meter

  1. Good day Ms Young. I work for Infopia USA in Titusville FL and was pleasantly surprised to read this blog about our meter. Thank you for the praise. We would love to extend an invitation for you to come visit our facility so we can express our gratitude personally. I hope to hear from you soon. Amy Guynn

    • Hello Amy
      I just received my Element Autocoded meter and love it.
      It does read higher than my whole blood meter but that’s to be expected due to it being plasma or something like that. 🙂

      My question is on the USB cable. I still don’t find a place to actually purchase it. Also, the #29 is a VERY expensive price for a USB cable. Do you know of a 3rd party supplier that”s not so expensive? I downloaded the software but of course need the cable. I kind of think the company should supply this cable for the ones of us interested in downloading to our computers. One of the companies that I almost went with did supply the cable. I’m a senior citizen and $29 is a lot of money to me.
      Great job on the element autocoded meter.
      Thanks in advance for any comments
      George in Dallas

  2. This is the thrid meter I’ve had. It definitely is to small for people with visual problems. I’ve tried three strips and yet haave to get a result.
    Honestly, I thought the best so far was the accu-check meter.
    tony and guidedog lido

  3. I just received my Element meter. I was using my ACCU-Check previously. But my concern is that the Element meter registers between 22 and 42 points higher that my ACCU-check. This morning my ACCU-check reading was 120 and my Element reading was 142. They were taken less than a minute apart. All batteries are OK.
    I’m just concerned because of the big difference in readings. What do you think???

  4. Jim,
    Check out this pdf:

    It may give you some insight in the difference in your readings.

    I’m not surprised at the differences. That is a very common occurrence.

  5. I have been on A LOT of different meters over the past 1o years and this is by far the easiest, most accurate one on the market. The biggest benefit is that it utilizes the smallest blood sample out there! No more squeezing your fingers to get enough blood and wasting test strips. I love that it can link into the Eocene System and I can swing by my pharmacy and have my logbook printed out along with detailed reports for my doctor visits. You can even do it from home if you are more tech savvy then I am! I definitely suggest everyone at least tries this meter.

  6. Jimmie Archie Harris

    I would like to know how I can remove all previous readings from
    my Element glucometer.

  7. I’m trying to find an element machine but no luck if anyone knows the website it would help me a lot thanks.and have a great day :.)

  8. If used perfectly by removing the test strip from the puddle of blood immediately when the meter beeps, the readings are consistently about 9 above that of a bayer/countour. If leaving the strip in the puddle, the readings may increase by 10 or 20.

    The commenters above claiming great accuracy are most likely paid commenters.

  9. Calling it a “puddle” makes an already anxiety causing thought worse for me. My fingers REALLY seem to have some active nerve endings. I bleed easily & can always get far more than enough blood on the lowest setting on any meter but it still feels like I am gouging a hole into my finger with a nail. I do believe I will give this meter a try to see if I can test without such pain. Thanks for making this a possibility, I will comment on how it works after I try it.

  10. does anyone know what code C12 is? thanks

  11. Anonymous…..Please grow up.

  12. I believe that the Element meter is inaccurate, widely fluctuates in readings, and far inferior to the FreeStyle meter I used to use until the medicare provider claimed it could not furnish strips for the FreeStyle meter – and told me I could only get the Element meter and strips. I’ve simultaneously tested blood on both meters and have found that the Element meter varies between 15% and a whopping 30% HIGHER than the results from the FreeStyle. This has led to terrible high and low swings in my sugar levels. Yesterday, for example, Element showed a 60 reading when my blood sugar level was only 40. I will work with Medicare to eliminate Element as a supplier of my strips.

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