Feelings? Guilty as Charged

This morning I felt guilty because I did not complete my treadmill walk. This is a very common feeling when trying to maintain healthy habits. Feelings provide important messages. These messages can help change our behavior. The message is clear: something needs to be done. Our feelings can motivate us into action. And action can lead to better health. Bottom Line: accept your feelings. Take time to evaluate how you feel. Feelings are not good or bad. Society and our families impose what feelings we should or should not have. Think about what feelings were allowed in your family. You may not be in touch with all of your feelings because you were taught that certain feelings were unacceptable. I challenge you to examine your feelings. In my case, I felt guilty because I did not complete my walk in the morning. I feel I must complete it in the morning or the world will end. – not true – the world will not end. The real reason I like to complete my walk in the morning is that life gets in the way and I end up forgetting about it later in the day. I accepted my feelings and didn’t beat myself up for it. I simply completed my treadmill walk prior to writing this post.

Have you had any guilty feelings lately? How did you react?


4 responses to “Feelings? Guilty as Charged

  1. Great post! This is so true, and thank you for pointing it out. Feelings and emotions are also so closely tied to eating or not eating, and sometimes if I don’t take the time to stop and ask myself what emotions are causing me to mindlessly pop jelly bean after jelly bean into my mouth, then I’ll just keep doing it….

  2. Hey! I for some reason I couldn’t reply until I right-clicked and clicked “open”. Weird. Anyway, good post! I’ve said before that losing weight is such a mind game – feelings can really play with you if you take them too seriously (i.e. PMS). You are now in my Google Reader so I’ll know when you post! Woo!

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