Nutrient Rich Food Ideas, Tips and Tools

Easy ideas, tips and tools to help you apply the NRF approach

Returning to school can be a hectic time of year for both children and adults, and focusing on eating nutritious foods may seem like a difficult task while also getting back to set bed times, alarm clocks and carpools. But eating the nutrient-rich way can be delicious, easy, and affordable, whether at home, in school or on the go. Share some of these simple tips to help families eat well and learn to incorporate nutrient-rich foods into their routine for the school year:

  • Eating breakfast is crucial to children’s performance in school, so start strong by including nutrient-rich foods in their morning meal:
    • Add scrambled eggs and two slices of lean meat to a toasted whole grain English muffin
    • Blend orange juice and ice with your favorite fruit, such as blueberries and strawberries, for an on-the-go morning boost
    • Create a breakfast parfait by layering whole grain cereal, fresh berries, kiwi or melon slices and low-fat yogurt
  • For busy weeknight dinner ideas, visit the NRFC’s recipe database , which offers fun, nutrient-rich, school lunch-friendly ideas on how to spice up children’s mid-day meal, such as Grilled Potato Planks and Pasta Salad Nicoise.
  • Encourage children to make smart choices when selecting foods in their school cafeterias:
    • Instead of potato chips, choose whole grain crackers as a more nutritious side option
    • In the beverage line, opt for nutrient-rich, low-fat chocolate milk, which is a great choice for kids, since it offers the same package of nine essential nutrients as white milk
    • Teach them to build their lunch by choosing foods from each of the five food groups
  • Make snacking smarter by packing nutrient-rich, grab-and-go items in a small cooler to take wherever you go, such as:
    • Trail mix with whole grain cereal or crackers, almonds and dried fruit
    • Drinkable or spoon-free low-fat yogurt, reduced-fat string cheese and hard-boiled eggs
    • Snack-able cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, slices of avocado, orange, kiwi or melon



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