Can You Say No to Unhealthy Food Choices?

Yes, you can.

  • Clearly define the results you want
  • Make a choice
  • Take Action
  • Whether you feel like it or not

Clearly define the results you want.

You can’t make the right choices unless you have clearly defined goals/results.

Making a Choice:

Making a choice is the mental process of thinking involved with the process of judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one of them for action.

Everything is a choice. Choice equals results.

Good Choice = Good Results
Bad Choice = Bad Results

Take Action:

Once we make a choice the mind automatically goes into action. “What action do I need to take in order to achieve the results I desire?”

Whether we feel like it or not

When you make a choice to take action for a result, then how you feel does not enter into the equation. How many times do you do what you do, when you do not feel like it? If you have children, how many times do you get up in the middle of the night to take care of your child when you did not feel like it?

Dean Briggs asked a student why he failed to complete an assignment. The student answered, “I wasn’t feeling very well, sir.” “Well, Mr. Smith,” said Dean Briggs, whose own health was marginal, “in time you may find that most of the work of the world is done by people who weren’t feeling very well.”

Of course, incapacitating illnesses can eclipse our work—and at times we must protect our health with rest. Dean Briggs’ point for this student was to learn to master his own moods and feelings. The responsible person does not need to “feel like it” to obtain the results they desire.


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