10 Medical Benefits of Weight Loss

The medical benefits of a low-calorie diet include:

  1. A reduction in blood pressure
  2. A decrease in blood glucose levels
  3. A decrease in total and LDL cholesterol levels
  4. A reduction in triglyceride levels
  5. An improvement in respiratory function and sleep apnea
  6. A reduction or alleviation in pain associated with osteoarthritis, or inflammation of the joints
  7. A reduction or alleviation of lower back painMedical Nutrition Therapy
  8. A decreased risk for gallbladder disease/gallstones
  9. Increased mobility
  10. The timid, introverted, and non-assertive individual gains greater self-esteem and self-worth as their external image improves. This also comes from their recognition of a goal achieved.

9 responses to “10 Medical Benefits of Weight Loss

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