Nutrition News – March 13, 2009


American Dietetic Association President Rings the NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell
-The ‘Stock” Exchange
(By Bonnie Taub- Dix, ADA Spokesperson)

Food nutrition programs don’t lead to obesity: USDA

Source: USDA

As Indian Growth Soars, Child Hunger Persists

The contradictory science of antioxidants

Framingham Heart Study Launches New Project to Develop Blood Tests for Heart Disease

Lifesaving Kidney Treatment, but Only to a Point

Can two people eat on $67 a week?

Prince Charles’ Herbal Products Stir Controversy
The product in question is “Duchy Herbals Detox Tincture,”
which contains dandelion and artichoke extracts.

ViB drink a cocktail of contradictions

GAO cites fraud in Medicare in-home services billings

Bill Proposes Restrictions on Raw Milk Sales- CT

Judge upholds almond pasteurization law

Coos Head Food Store Recalls MT Hood Trail Mix Because of Possible Health Risk

Registered Dietitians in the News

St. Fatty’s Day

Between guzzling green beer and noshing on fish-and-chips,
it’s easy to OD on the spirit of Saint Patrick.
(Toby Smithson, ADA Spokesperson quoted)

The Park Avenue Diet
(By Kathleen M Zelman, RD)

From fat to flat: Popular diet might help reduce dangerous flab
(Margie Bryan Fougeron, RD quoted)


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