Nutrition News – February 18, 2009

apple news

Survey shows awareness of peanut recall but misunderstanding

Americans fuzzy on trans fat sources: survey

Appeals court upholds NYC’s calories-on-menus rule

Study confirms: Don’t reward yourself for calories burned

Group call for program to prevent underweight births

New Botanical Drug May Silence Peanut Allergies, Animal Study Suggests

Hospitals see big drop in staph superbugs
Study: MRSA infections from IV tubes fell nearly 50 percent in 10 years

Registered Dietitians in the News

Approved as a natural product, stevia may broaden appeal of sugar alternatives
(Dawn Jackson Blatner, ADA Spokesperson quoted)

Health Rules You Can Rewrite After 40
Be Religious About What Really Matters; Take Shortcuts With the Rest. Check Out Our Guide to Being a Sensible Slacker
(Christine Gerbstadt, ADA Spokesperson & Colleen Doyle, RD quoted)

Loose Change: Take a bite out of your food bill

(Tara Gidus, ADA Spokesperson quoted)

More families eating home-cooked meals
(Jacquelynn O’Palka, RD & Jan Yudt, RD quoted)

Teen-mothers-more-common-in-city”>Teen mothers more common in city
(Natalia Miner, RD quoted)

Think these 8 foods are healthy? Wrong!
Skip the diet soda and potato chips and have seltzer and popcorn instead
(By Nicole Ferring, RD; Janel Ovrut, RD quoted)

Old Colony Elder Services Appoints Shawn C. Smith as Nutrition Director
(Shawn C. Smith, RD cited)

In Paris, Culinary Education Starts In Day Care
(Sandra Merle, Dietitian/France quoted)


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