Nutrition News – February 17, 2009


Phone Call Helps Dieters Lose Weight

New Test For Mysterious Metabolic Diseases

Vitamin E May Decrease Mortality Of Elderly Male Smokers, Yet Increase Mortality Of Middle-aged Smokers

Vitamin Pills: A False Hope?

Coffee: Good, bad or just forget about it?

Few teens need cholesterol-lowering drugs, researchers say

The Claim: Sunscreen Prevents Vitamin D Production

MedlinePlus: Current Health News
-Amputations much more common in diabetics
-Web-based program improves diabetics’ self care

Registered Dietitians in the News

Artificial Sweeteners: They’re Enough to Give Some People a Headache
(Dawn Jackson Blatner, ADA spokesperson quoted)

Corn syrup’s bitter sweet debate
(Keri Gans, ADA Spokesperson, Gunilla Nordhammar, RD & Ruth Wolfe, RD all quoted)

‘Joy of Cooking’ or ‘Joy of Obesity’?
In the classic cookbook, published since 1931, changes in ingredients and serving sizes have led to a 63% increase in calories per serving in 17 of the recipes, a study shows
(Brian Wansink, ADA Member & Jeannie Gazzaniga-Moloo,ADA Spokesperson quoted)

Cherries help heart, help prevent diabetes
(Lona Sandon, ADA Spokesperson quoted)

Break these rules to lose weight
(Dawn Blatner Jackson, ADA Spokesperson & Keith Ayoob, RD quoted)

Seven roadblocks to dieting
(Sarah Krieger, ADA Spokesperson quoted)


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