Nutrition News – February 16, 2009


How can parents fight child obesity? Get to play Related Resource: If Your Child Is Overweight: A Guide for Parents, 3rd Edition

Weight Loss More Effective Than Intensive Insulin Therapy

9 things you should unlearn about tea

Many Americans Unaware of Food Recalls, Survey Finds

Related Resource: FDA Peanut Product Recalls

U.S. to Compare Medical Treatments

In Digitizing Healthcare, a Battle Over Patient Privacy

MedlinePlus: Current Health news

– Astronauts’ bone strength lost in space
– Belly Fat May Make Migraines More Likely
– High uric acid raises risk of death in adults
– Low vitamin D tied to higher body fat in women
– Mediterranean diet may help prevent spina bifida

Registered Dietitians in the News

Healthy family makeover
(Jim White, ADA Spokesperson cited)

Cupid Countdown, Day 5: Have a healthy, romantic meal
(Keith Ayoob, RD; Dawn Jackson Blatner & Bonnie Taub-Dix, both ADA Spokespeople all quoted)

Dark Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
(Ryann Null, dietetic intern & Althea Zanecosky, RD quoted)

Dietitian: Industrial food model leading to widespread famine
(Melinda Hemmelgarn, RD quoted)

More families eating home-cooked meals
(Jacquelynn O’Palka, RD quoted)

How healthy are decaf green tea and dried fruits?

(Wendy Bazilian, RD quoted)

New study finds teens with higher dairy intake have lower body fat
(Melissa Dobbins, RD quoted)

Tips for cyclists at risk of bone loss
(dietitian cited)

Ten tips for healthier, faster meals
(By Samara Felesky-Hunt, Dietitian/Canada)

Water world: How to hydrate right
(Lori Smart Dietitian/Canada quoted)


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