Nutrition News – February 14, 2009


The Human Diet: High Nutrition and Cooking
(Presented at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Changing habits may not lower blood pressure

Diet pattern linked to higher diabetes risk

Eggs not dangerous for heart health: Study

Fructose-sweetened drinks again raise questions in obesity-related study

Hayek Breastfeeding: Why Do We Care?

Some Say the USA Is Unique in Its Breastfeeding Issues

A Skeptic Becomes A True Believer

(Hospital initiative to reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections in ICU)

Court Finds No Link Between Vaccines, Autism

Mead Johnson’s Success Formula
Keys to Strong IPO Include Timing, Timing, Timing; Booming Baby Market

Consumers Cut Food Spending Sharply
Markets and Restaurants Feel the Pinch as People Purchase Generic Brands and Stay Home

Cocoa Prices Create Chocolate Dilemma

Registered Dietitians in the News

How to eat cheap: What foods to buy and where to buy them
(Keith Ayoob, RD & Keri Gans, ADA Spokesperson quoted)

Simpson gossip spotlights the burden of celebrity
(Dawn Jackson Blatner, ADA Spokesperson quoted)

dietitian receives top award
(Joetta Redlin, RD quoted & the Iowa Dietetic Association cited)

The ‘Mayo Clinic’ Diet
(By Kathleen Zelman, RD; Connie Diekman, immediate past president of the ADA quoted)

Guys, make Valentine’s Day special
Looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day gift that’s truly from the heart?
Cook for her
(Kimberly Kramer, RD quoted)

Plan aims to make healthier Riverland
(Kate Blowes, Dietitian/Australia quoted)


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