Nutrition News


Health Scares Reduce Smoking but Not Waistlines, Survey Finds Source: Archives of Internal Medicine

Obesity during pregnancy raises the risks of birth defects
Source: JAMA

Tests show ‘possible’ salmonella at Texas plant
Related Article – Timeline of the Salmonella Outbreak

U.S. relies on states for food safety inspections
Overburdened officials trained less than their federal counterparts

Does colloidal silver boost immunity or overall health?
The metal is popular in alternative medicine circles, but claims are unproven and large doses can be harmful

Working out from Nine to Five

Cafes offer healthy hospital food
The first NHS run cafe in Scotland has opened at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Roses Are Red, and So Are Lots of Foods Good for You and Your Valentine

What the doctor ordered
Soup, garlic and peppers all could help what ails you

The Claim: Never Blow Your Nose When You Have a Cold

MedlinePlus: Current Health News
–Experiences Bring More Joy Than Possessions Do
–Obesity hurts recovery after colon cancer surgery
–Taking Statins Faithfully Lengthens Life
–Scientists Discover Key Factor in Controlling the Breakdown of Bone
–For Preschoolers, Even ‘Play’ Tends to Be Sedentary
–Magnesium sulfate can lower risk of cerebral palsy
–Sense of balance predicts hip fracture risk

Registered Dietitians in the News

Can People Safely Eat Cat Food?
(Dawn Jackson Blatner, ADA Spokesperson quoted)

Eating Right Can Be Easy And Cost Effective
(Bethany Thayer, ADA Spokesperson quoted & National Nutrition Month cited)

Meat can affect you and our planet
(By Siobhan Walsh, RD)

Get heart-healthy this month
(By Cheryl Ann Macellaro, RD)

Saving money and eating healthfully at same time
(By Dayle Hayes, RD)

Eating out doesn’t have to doom your diet
(By Chris Rosenbloom, RD)

Nutrition Wise: Vitamin D in Fish, Broccoli Cheese Soup, Morning Sickness
(By Karen Collins, RD)

Dealing with a picky eater
(Holly Schere, RD & Jennifer Lavelle, RD quoted)

UNO dietitian offers tips for healthy hearts, healthy lives
(Julie Denker, RD quoted)

Yeah, if only … / Nutrition experts warn consumers to beware of guarantees, promises
(Charlotte Scott, RD quoted)


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