10 Things I Hate About Weight


Depending on a variety of factors that have nothing to do with body fat or even the scale’s accuracy, your weight can vary by several pounds from day to day. – Andrea Giancoli, RD, spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

1. Shoes and clothes can add up to 6 pounds.

2. An aerobic class can cause a 5 pound weight loss of sweat.

3. Drinking a bottle of water can add 2 pounds.

4. Alcohol depletes the body of water and subtracts 3 – 5 pounds.

5. Just eating a meal can add up to 3 pounds.

6. Low carb meals all day – subtract 3 – 5 pounds for water loss.

7. A high sodium day can add 4 – 5 pounds.

8. Being sick can cause dehydration – subtract up to 5 pounds.

9. Constipation adds 2 – 6 pounds.

10. Too much coffee – subtract 2 pounds.

Your body fat percentage and your physical measurements, rather than your weight, provide a more accurate picture of your health.

Focus on your waist, not your weight.


2 responses to “10 Things I Hate About Weight

  1. Well, at this hour of the morning, I’m afraid I might have lost 2lbs because I’m drinking my morning coffee.BTW, you’ve been tagged over at Iowa Avenue……….:)

  2. Walk by the cookie aisle too slow, gain 2 pounds

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