Wednesday Teleseminar: Emotional Eating and Overeating

emotional eating toolbox
Dear Reader,

I wanted to let you know about a great opportunity to get some fantastic information. Wednesday, October 15 (tomorrow) is the date of a valuable free teleseminar.

The topic is:
Emotional Eating and Overeating: Three tips to help you stay on track over the winter and the holiday season

Dr. Melissa McCreery, a psychologist, life coach, and expert on emotional eating will cover three effective strategies to help keep you on track, unstressed, and out of overwhelm with your food, weight loss, and your personal goals this holiday season.

The teleclass takes place Wednesday October 15, 2008 from
noon-1pm Eastern, 11am-noon Central, 10am-11am Mountain, and 9 am-10am Pacific time.

Melissa’s teleseminars are highly reviewed and always contain usable and helpful information.

If you can’t attend, don’t let that stop you from registering. The call will be recorded and registered participants will receive access to the class recording after the call. If you’ve never attended a teleseminar before, it’s easy. You’ll just dial in on the phone number you will receive when you register (you are responsible for any long distance charges) and when prompted you’ll be given an access code to enter.

To register, just click on the emotional eating toolbox image and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the picture of the red phone. Clicking on that link will take you to a page where you can register for the teleseminar.

I’ll be listening to the call as well.

emotional eating toolbox


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  1. Baby Phat Boots

    well nice teleseminar

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