The Minimalist Diet

You’re a Dietitian, what do you eat?

I get this question all the time. Basically, I eat what I like to call the “Minimalist Meal Plan”. I despise the word diet, but I had to get your attention. Just look at the Google Trends graph for the word diet in blue vs. meal plan in red. Meal Plan is a continuous flat line. We are a “diet crazed” society.

So, the minimalist meal plan consists of these food items:

Raw fruit
Raw veggies
Filtered tap water
Whole grain breads and cereals – I love warm homemade bread
Hemp oil – Here is a good reason to use it.
Plain yogurt – you can use this in place of sour cream
Eggs – mostly egg whites but occasionally a yolk or two (I do not use egg substitute).
Poultry – marinated and grilled
Hemp milk
Parmesan cheese – a tasty low fat cheese
Avocado – I eat them plain like Mike
Vinegar – I use vinegar as my salad dressing
Club soda – This is plain carbonated water, my favorite beverage of choice
Fresh herbs – picked straight from the garden
Garlic – oil and garlic – yum
Fresh Key Lime Juice – I use lime juice for flavor

Minimalist means: Use of the barest essentials – For me that means no prepackaged convenience foods

I don’t live to eat. I eat to live. I use my food for fuel and not entertainment. I steer clear of prepackaged foods as much as possible and I prefer fresh over frozen or canned.

I do have a few weaknesses that I will not give up:

Coffee – first thing in the morning – about 2 cups with 2%milk and sugar
Butter – I mix butter with oil – makes a great product.
Draft Lite Beer – on occasion

It’s important to identify items you will absolutely not give up.
What are yours?

To give you an idea of my one day menu:

2 cups coffee with 2%milk and sugar
egg white omelet with fresh mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, and garlic
1 slice homemade bread with butter and oil mix, seasoned with fresh herbs

Club Soda
Large Green salad with shredded carrots
Topped with ½ cup tuna
Oil and vinegar
Mixed fresh fruit

Club Soda
Grilled Marinated chicken
Baked potato topped with plain yogurt
Snap beans

Oatmeal with raisins
Hemp Milk

And that’s what I call The Minimalist Meal Plan or Diet.


2 responses to “The Minimalist Diet

  1. Learn Japanese Review

    hmm first time i heard about this diet

  2. I am just learning about the minimalist diet and find this information very useful. love your list of foods, not much of a meat eater myself though….thanks for the info

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