An Open Letter to Physicians,

According to a recent study, nearly eight out of ten patients EXPECT their primary care physician to help them do something about their weight. But less than half (46 percent) feel their doctors are investing enough time with this issue to address it.

Registered dietitians have unique expertise in food and nutrition. They are able and willing to integrate diet and nutrition with modern clinical medicine for the betterment of your patients’ health. The RD’s services at present are often incompletely understood and underutilized. Physicians would do well to make the dietitian a valued and often used member of the healthcare team.

Therefore, I teamed up with Iowa Avenue, an online weight management community dedicated to helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle. As a physician, your time is valuable. Iowa Avenue can help you assist your patients with their weight management goals. Members support each other and there are registered dietitians available for guidance. And best of all its absolutely free.

If an online community is not appropriate for your patient, I will continue to consult via home visits, phone, or e-mail for a fee that may be reimbursed by the patient’s insurance company.

Any suggestions to help us assist you with your patients would be welcome. Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.


Diana Young, RD, LD/N, CDE

Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Educator

You can send me a private message at

Phone number will be provided upon request.


5 responses to “An Open Letter to Physicians,

  1. Excellent post. I really think doctors need to open their eyes and partner with dietitians to give their patients the best possible action plan.You go girl…………:)

  2. agreed!!I’m on

  3. I agree that MDs should partner with dieticians to aid patients in weightloss…I think that if Drs can see “wellness” visits as a way to keep traffic coming through the door as opposed to “sick” visits, then they can extend the life of the patient and keep a patient “for life”.

  4. Diana,I’m not a dietitian, but do see the epidemic of obesity to society. I did a recent post about it in the beginning of August.'m totally in agreement with any approach to help and if a registered dietitian can make changes then physicians need to start to employee them right in their office.Tom

  5. I agree with you. I’m a nurse and not a dietician but I often counseled our patients on diet. Doctors are strained as it is and partnering with dieticians is a no brainer, as far as I’m concerned. I would think they would gladly refer patients.

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