Affirmation Doctor: "Drop Those Unwanted Pounds!"

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that are repeated with a goal of reprogramming the mind and its belief systems. Affirmations reinforce the power of positive thinking. Affirmations are always phrased in the first person and present tense (“I Am”) rather than a future tense (“I will”) in order to increase the realization of the statement for the affirmation. Affirmations are believed to be a very powerful means of reprogramming the subjective mind. They appear to be most effective when repeated in a quiet and restful state of mind and body, and when the desired outcome is vividly experienced in one’s mind and resulting emotions are felt.

Affirmations, also known as positive self-talk, have been referred to as nutrition for the mind. We can create our reality by consciously programming what we want.

Recently, I was introduced to Anne Marie Evers, The Affirmation Doctor. I created my own master affirmation contract using creative visualization techniques based on her guidance.

I have just reviewed the following book and highly recommend it for creating positive self talk in order to drop those unwanted pounds. Just click on the book or text and order a copy. Contact me here for further info or to let me know your results.

Happy Affirming!

Reaching and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight (e-book)

Reaching and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight (e-book)


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