Your Daily Nutrition and Health News

Brought to you by Iowa Avenue and ADA

Health trend continues as obesity rates rise
Source: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

Pre-diabetes must be treated, doctors urge
(Presented at the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Meeting)

Obese Americans find Mexico cuts deal for lap-band surgery
Many were rejected in U.S. as too thin

Richard Simmons makes a move to get kids active at school

Most children with milk allergy tolerate warm milk

Source: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

AIDS Among Latinos on Rise
Hispanics in U.S. Face Unique Obstacles to Diagnosis, Treatment

Organic nutritional advantages questioned again
Source: Claims of Organic Food’s Nutritional Superiority: A Critical Review

Drink up! Dialysis patients get pomegranate juice

FDA issues guidance on antioxidants
Source: Guidance for Industry Food Labeling; Nutrient Content Claims;
Definition for “High Potency” and Definition for “Antioxidant” for Use in
Nutrient Content Claims for Dietary Supplements and Conventional Foods

Slow Food Savors Its Big Moment
Labor Day Weekend in San Francisco

Food Prices About to Leap

Allergen-free GM plants may boost food safety: experts

Source: Trends in Plant Science

Cupcake shops offer ‘shots’ of frosting
For a small fee, customers can get a yummy dollop of their favorite frosting

Medicine Gears Up for a Code Green

Medpedia Project aims to create an online encyclopedia of health information

Audit says USDA lost track of imported cattle


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