Your Daily Nutrition News

Brought to You by Iowa Avenue and ADA

Early probiotic consumption stops gut problems: study
Source: Journal of Nutrition

Medical Experts Call on Media to Rethink Coverage of Weight Loss
Source: Reality Coalition

More senior citizens hitting the gym for improved quality of life

Tea halves the risk of dementia, study shows
Source: American Journal Clinical Nutrition

Be prepared for disasters

Serving Up an Alternate Solution: The Golden State to Go Sans Trans
California Could Become the First State to Ban Trans Fats, if Gov. Agrees

Food chains finally comply with NY calorie law
McDonalds and Burger King post calories after months of delaying

Massachusetts patient tested for mad cow disease

Fish Virus (viral hemorrhagic septicemia -VHS)
Feeds Fears It Will Spread to Mississippi River

MedlinePlus: Current Health News
– Dietary Fiber Cuts Risk of Pregnancy Complication
– Too Much, Too Little Sleep Linked to Stroke Risk


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