Top 10 Healthiest Restaurant Chains in America

Health magazine ranked the top 10 healthiest restaurant chains in America

Judging criteria included

healthy food preparation
the availability of organic or hormone-free foods
whole grains on the menu
limited or no trans fats in all dishes
low-sodium options
healthy beverages
portion control
ease of access to nutrition information

Health magazine named Uno Chicago Grill as the healthiest chain restaurant in America. Among its healthier fare is grilled mahi-mahi with brown rice and mango salsa.

1 Uno Chicago Grill
2 Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes
3 Mimi’s Café
4 P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
5 Bob Evans Restaurants
6 Ruby Tuesday
7 Romano’s Macaroni Grill
8 Chevy’s Fresh Mex
9 Olive Garden
10 Denny’s

Do you agree?


2 responses to “Top 10 Healthiest Restaurant Chains in America

  1. Wow–I find this very surprising! I have not eaten at all of these chains, but from the ones I have, I was not very impressed with the health-conscious options.P.F. Chang’s (don’t get me wrong–the food is delicious) is Chinese food! It’s loaded with oil and salt. Everything at Ruby Tuesdays is covered in cheese! They are accommodating if you ask for items to be prepared differently, but if you order the dishes ‘as is,’ they are not for those trying to lose weight. And Denny’s–some of their meals are almost 1.000 calories!I recommend checking out these restaurants’ web sites to view the nutrition information before venturing out to eat. If you cannot access it, try a web site such as If you are trying to make a health-conscious choice, I think you’ll be requesting the dressing on the side, no cheese and a doggie bag!

  2. You failed to include Chipotle but put Denny’s on the list? The idea is simple: Build your own gourmet burrito, fajita burrito, taco, or burrito bowl. The flavor and the healthiness are in the details—naturally raised, antibiotic-free meats, organic beans, and even hormone-free sour cream. Corn tortillas give you a whole-grain option, and the tortilla-less Burrito Bowl lets you ramp up the proteins and veggies.

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