5 Things My Father Taught Me

A picture of my father in the hospital after a long recovery. He was mugged in downtown Dayton. He was beaten with a metal pipe and left for dead sometime around Christmas in the early 80’s. He ended up with a metal plate in his head and suffered from seizures for the remainder of his life. He died at age 47 in February 1986. I never met him because my grandparents planned it that way, that was not his life plan, but that was just the way it turned out. Regardless, he taught me a few things:
1. Always be aware of your surroundings, carry pepper spray and if possible travel in groups.
2. Always search for the truth. It will set you free.
3. If at first you don’t succeed, never give up because you will succeed.
4. Life is short, be true to yourself, be authentic.
5. If you want to stay thin, you have to eat right – he was passionate about the field of nutrition.
Happy Father’s Day Dad! I miss you!

One response to “5 Things My Father Taught Me

  1. A very wise man indeed. Nice post!

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