What’s Your Blog’s Mission Statement?

When I was a Corporate Dietitian in the Marriott Health Care arena, I attended an upper management seminar in Delaware. I forget what the meeting was about, but I do remember having to write a personal mission statement using the Franklin Covey method. I remember listening to very long mission statements, which none were memorable. Mine was one sentence, but felt ashamed it was so short. Honestly, I should have been proud; the best mission statements are short, sweet and to the point.

Sean Burke, CEO WISE wrote the following about mission statements:

The statement is short. Less than 10 words and easy to remember

The statement answers the question, “Why does our company exist?”

It should be a worthwhile aim. Mission Statements that lack passion, importance and relevance to employees, clients and shareholders aren’t worth the effort it takes to create and communicate them

Here are some examples of great Mission Statements:

Disney – To make people happy
Google – To do no evil
Merck – To preserve and improve human life
Mary Kay – to give unlimited opportunity to women

You can also have a mission statement for your blog.

Why does your blog exist?

What are you passionate about?

The best blogs have a well defined focus or “mission statement”.

When you determine your mission statement, include it on your blog.

For example:

The Menu Coach – creating healthy people one menu at a time

What’s your mission statement?


2 responses to “What’s Your Blog’s Mission Statement?

  1. Hmm.. had to think about this one, since my blog has so many avenues.I would have to say”to help people learn how to be holistically strong”

  2. Diana Young, RD, LD, CDE

    2bestrong,I like it!

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