Menu Planning 101: Paper Clutter

I have a theory. If your desk or dining room table is piled with paperwork, you are not going to be completing a food journal any time soon. You are also not going to be planning your menu. Am I right? So let’s conquer this paper monster so we can get down to the business of getting healthy.

What you’ll need:

1 black fine tip sharpie
1 box or more of file folders – Any color
A large trash can
A shredder
A legal note pad to use as a Master List (a list you will use daily to write down any unfinished business)
A pen

Schedule appointments with yourself for one hour blocks of time.

Go through every paper in every pile in every corner.

Make a decision on every piece of paper.

Write any unfinished business on the master list.

Throw away what you don’t need.

Shred papers that reveal your identity.

Place the paper you are keeping in a file labeled with a black sharpie.

Never let papers pile up again. As soon as you get a piece of paper, make a decision – throw it away or list it on the master list and file it away.

Your master list will be the last thing you review in the evening and the first thing you review in the morning while you are having coffee or your healthy smoothie. You will add new items throughout the day and cross off items you have completed.

No need to rewrite your list everyday, unless you are a perpetual list maker.

How many pages of the Master List did you end up with?

Inspiration for this post:
Book by Mayer


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