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Psychic Nutritionist phone readings now available

Did you know that people will seek out a psychic, before a nutritionist, and a nutritionist before a dietitian? I recently noticed a trend in seeking out a “psychic nutritionist” and at $2.00 per minute or more, I’m considering changing my title to “ask the psychic nutritionist”

Ellen Burstyn credits a psychic nutritionist with playing a star role in helping her to find herself.

And here is a worthwhile quote:
Maria Esposito, a psychic nutritionist from El Monte and a regular on the #33 bus to downtown L.A. – “You have to be a mind reader to ride the bus in LA. It’s the only way to figure out what time your bus is coming or where it’s going. Communicating with the dead is easier than digging up a bus schedule in this town.”

Superman III had a “psychic nutritionist,” Lorelei Ambrosia

And I quote: The key for me was seeing a psychic nutritionist in Los Angeles named Eileen Poole. In my opinion she is the finest psychic nutritionist on the planet. All of her work is done through channeling and not by book knowledge. Following Eileen’s recommendations, using a pendulum to test all of my food, and using a purple Positive Energy Plate to energize my food all have had a highly energizing effect on my body.

Thoughts? Comments?

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by Diana Young, RD, LD/N, CDE
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2 responses to “Psychic Nutritionist

  1. Your comment above was written a long time ago, 6 years. i just ran across it when googling Eileen Poole, my nutritionist, who died earlier this year, moving on, i suppose, to the astral plane and beyond. i still feel her presence every day which is why i was googling her, wishing she was here now. I miss talking with her a lot.

    I first met Eileen one year ago yesterday, on 10/31/1994. I had suffered from hepatitis C since the mid late 70s, long before there was a diagnosis for it. I went from doctor to doctor, trying to find out what was wrong with me, feeling fatigue and malaise off and on, weak knees, foggy mind, off balance, feeling like laying down all the time, no energy, i was never like that before it suddenly came on in 1976.

    i was afraid it was cancer, which wouldn’t be discovered until it was too late, doctors dismissed me as simply depressed. sure i was depressed, anyone who felt the way i felt would be depressed, it was like being in a prison.

    Finally, in the early 90s, i became interested in holistic and alternative approaches to health and illness. I wasn’t getting any help at all from regular doctors.. By that time, i knew there was something wrong with my liver, i had elevated liver function tests, i also had a positive RA factor, which i was told was an indicator of chronic inflammation. i had pain in the upper right quadrant area from time to time. i read up on cirrhosis and i was scared. Then i had a doctor who said there was a new antibody test for HCV, a diagnosis that had just been invented, around 1991. It came back positive. He said that didn’t explain my symptoms because it was just evidence of “old hepatitis,” but for me, it added to the mounting evidence that there was a liver problem.

    When i started the holistic stuff, i became vegan, was trying to do raw food, drank wheat grass, took some supplements, read some books, and went to a Chinese medicine doctor for a while who prescribed herbs for me to cook and drink. That year, ’93, i felt better, the episodes of symptoms became less frequent. But they still occurred. i was encouraged by the improvement. i even had normal liver function tests two times in a row. i was having it tested every 3 months or so in those days. It had never been normal before. But because the episodes continued, i continued to grope.

    i went to an old school osteopath who used homeopathy. During his exam and interview with me, he recommended a “special” nutritionist, Eileen Poole. He said “My patients who go to her are the ones who get better.” i made an appointment with Eileen. She does indeed give individualized nutritional advice, everyone is different. Some things she recommended for everyone, no salt, no sugar, no honey, anything like that, no soy sauce. Also, no caffeine. But other than those, the foods varied from person to person and they varied with the same person from time to time.

    Eileen was a protege of Henry Bieler MD who wrote the book, Food is Your Best Medicine. Like Bieler, Eileen was not an adherent to vegetarianism. It would depend on the individual, but protein being very important, she recommended meat routinely. The diets recommended to me always had beef and fish, sometimes lamb, a small amount of turkey white meat, almost never chicken.

    There was always oatmeal (over the 20 years i visited her about once a year). No wheat. Most of the time brown rice was recommended but not always. My diet was low on grains. No potatoes, no tomatoes, no carrots, no melon, not much fruit, usually apples were included and applesauce. Very little fruit. No nuts, no summer squash. More cooked food than raw. Broccoli, green beans, zucchini, yellow crook neck squash, asparagus. That was generally what i mostly ate.

    I had tried so many things to become healthy and nothing ended up healing me, i was still sick and scared of serious liver disease. I went on the diet recommended by Eileen. within a couple of weeks, i noticed some pretty dramatic change in my energy level and how i felt generally and my mood, my thinking. It was surprising. Waves of feeling that way for days or more at a time would alternate with feeling ill in various ways, but the ill feelings were never as impairing as they had been before. i was surprised to find that when i felt ill sometimes, i still had plenty of energy.

    Eileen said it would take a long time to become fully healed. She said it often takes a year and a half. She said there would be many ups and downs–she told me this the day i first met her. But i felt so well from the beginning, despite alternating with feeling ill, that i became very committed to strictly following the diet.

    i had not expected to feel that good. i had a demanding full time job and was a single parent of a 9 year old when i first started with Eileen. Everything she told me turned out to be true. By a year and a half, i was free from illness completely. i didn’t even get colds or flu, ever, and before Eileen i would get those regularly enough, often with complications. I had come to be the healthiest person i knew. Unlike before, i was no longer afraid to be around people who were sick with contagious things. I could feel that my immune system was working in an optimum way. i felt so good. i had plenty of energy for whatever i wanted to do. i was functioning at a high level. Feeling happy was my normal state. i could see how everything was linked together, holistically, the body, the emotions, the thinking, all one whole.

    I never would have sought out a nutritionist who operated by intuition as Eileen did. i was someone who loved researching things in books, studying, finding explanations, analyzing, finding out answers to why. Eileen was not working in that mode, and uncharacteristically for me, i never asked her why she recommended one thing or the other. i just did what she suggested and was richly rewarded.

    My comments here echo what others have posted on the web. The example Ellen Burstyn gave of Eileen’s work with her teenaged son is a good way of seeing how Eileen worked. She was very focused. She wasn’t tied in to any dogma or any particular framework of thought on food or how to eat. Everyone is different. People will ask, “What was on your diet?”, thinking they would like to try it. But everyone is different. Those would be my comments on your comment.

    One other thing. i never knew of any other psychic nutritionist besides Eileen, she was so unique. But your comment about $2 a minute made me wonder if you were joking. In the days when i met Eileen, i had met with or looked into many different holistic health practitioners, and Eileen was by far the least expensive. The first session was more than an hour and was $125. This included unlimited follow up phone calls. I got so well so quickly in the beginning that i only saw her once a year, just to consult and see what she thought.

    After being sick all those years, from the mid 70s through the early 90s, with the same awful symptoms over and over, once i healed in the first year or less of seeing Eileen, those symptoms have never returned, even though i became much less disciplined in my eating, including eating salt and sugar, and other proscribed things like chicken, i have been off the discipline for years and my life in the past 4 or 5 years became much more harsh, life conditions, stress level going up while my living by Eileen’s diet went down, yet those old symptoms of HCV and many others have never returned.

    In the 1980s, i was told by a doctor that i had a mid-systolic click when she listened to my heart. She heard it every time i saw her. When i went to other doctors over a period of years, they heard it too. i was referred for an echocardiogram and that showed, i was told, i had mild to moderate mitral valve prolapse and i was told to take antibiotics whenever i went to the dentist. Around 1991, my doctor said he heard a slight murmur when listening to my heart. Sometimes i used to get arrhythmias where it felt like my heart was skipping beats.

    After i’d been on Eileen’s diets in the mid 90s, i stopped seeing doctors very often, but i remember when the first one told me they didn’t hear any mid-systolic click. Several doctors said they didn’t hear it over a few years’ time. Then i developed bradycardia, a very slow heartbeat, so consulted with a doctor, still not hearing any murmur or click, i was referred for another echocardiogram, 10 years after the first one. No evidence of mitral valve prolapse. i was told that the first echocardiogram had been mistaken. Were all those other doctors i had seen mistaken that they heard a mid systolic click and finally, a slight murmur, over those years before i started on the Eileen diet? i don’t know, it doesn’t seem reasonable to think that. Yet i have been told that mitral valve prolapse does NOT go away, ever.

    So, whatever the explanation, the various symptomatic health problems i had before starting to work with Eileen were erased. Henry Bieler, her mentor, healed people too, he was famous for it. and he was not psychic, he was a medical doctor who’s method was purely empirical, based on training and experience. i don’t think Eileen’s gift was just her intuitiveness about people. i think it was more than that. She was very focused on what she was doing, she loved doing it, she was an expert at what she did. She was gifted.

  2. lol. it’s almost 3 years since i wrote the above. i was googling Eileen, i’m always hoping something will show up, some link to someone who practices like she did, if that were possible which i know it’s not, but Bieler did it. Anyway, i read over what i wrote. i would like to add something, related again to what you said in your comment.

    I had read Dr Bieler’s book, Food is Your Best Medicine, about a year before i was referred to Eileen. I remember reading his story which is told in the first chapter, about when he was a new doctor, and he became ill, i can’t remember what it was, seems like it was nephritis or something else related to the kidneys. He wrote about the treatments he underwent and how he didn’t get better and how if anything, he felt worse or testing showed worsening. He was young then.

    I don’t remember now what caused him to change his thinking and look at things a different way, maybe he just knew something was wrong if the treatments were making him worse, and experts in his profession didn’t know how to help him. i just remember reading where he said he came to reject the “germ theory of disease” which was the dogma of all his colleagues.

    That struck me as odd when i read it. I didn’t realize the idea that germs caused disease was a theory, i thought it was obviously a known fact, so what he wrote was unexpected and quirky. I continued reading the book, this was in the days when i was so desperate to find some help to not feel sick so much of the time, and very burnt out on being dismissed and ridiculed by most doctors, turning to reading holistic health books and experimenting with herbs and supplements, looking for that magic bullet, those books made every one one of them sound like this might be the ONE, the one that works.

    So, i kept reading Bieler’s book, and he told of cases and experiments that showed how a very specific and simple kind of nutrition would heal some very serious conditions and bring back people in very bad shape. He himself was no longer desperately sick as he had been when he was still practicing and seeking help from conventional medicine, before he had a gestalt shift and saw how the germ theory of disease had some anomalies in comprehending certain facts.

    One case he told about was a man with cirrhosis who’s daughter came to Bieler asking for help for her father. Bieler went to his house because he was too sick to go anywhere, apparently a late stage of liver failure, though Bieler didn’t go into that much detail. He said that he told the daughter to make a broth out of green beans, zucchini , celery and parsley, and give it to her dad around the clock, just keep giving it to him, and this went on for at least several days, maybe more, and the man showed improvement, so slowly more foods were added, some meat protein and more general nutrition, though keeping it very simple.

    The man recovered and when the book was written was still doing fine years later. Since i had chronic active hepatitis C, my attention was especially drawn to that case. i wished i had a daughter who could make that broth for me all day long and let me just lay in bed drinking it, i was so tired of all the symptoms, and scared of cirrhosis and liver failure.

    Then, by coincidence, i ended up seeing Eileen not too long after that, in my ongoing quest to find something that would help, nothing ever did, and i was desperate but increasingly pessimistic and hopeless. Eileen wasn’t interested when i told her i had hepatitis C, as if it were simply irrelevant, though she always remembered and commented that “you have concern about your liver.”

    She just spent time with me and then checked off various foods on a check list based on what she was “getting” as she said. Or not getting. She said “i think you’ll do very nicely on beef. Do you like beef?” and then, “…I’m not getting melon. I’m not getting chicken..” In the end, i had plenty of foods to choose from, including some favorites, while not having other favorites. Only in that desperate state could i have accepted those limits. But something about her inspired confidence–different from any of the other people i saw.

    I experienced the beginning of improvement rather soon, and it just continued, gradually and steadily. And i watched the many hepatitis C ‘immune’ symptoms fall away, and i came to understand what Henry Bieler meant when he said he no longer accepted the germ theory of disease.

    By the time i was healing on these foods, and just as important, on not eating other foods, in a way that i would now call a cleansing process which is like what happens with fasting, cleansing from the many things that i was abstaining from, i could feel my energy coming up, as if a weight was being lifted from me that had held me down, the stuff that my body was able to rid itself of because i wasn’t still putting more of it in all the time.

    By that time, i had been diagnosed with certainty as having chronic hepatitis C, as medical knowledge slowly evolved, and at that time, they were experimenting with treating with interferon. It has quite horrendous side effects and they measured whether it was working or not based on whether liver function tests became normal, and i think either 1/3 or 2/3 of treated people showed this response, suggesting the medication was working. Either way, it didn’t seem like very good odds. Just a couple of years before this, doctors were dismissing me and saying nothing was wrong, now they were pressuring me to be treated with interferon with all its side effects and uncertain effectiveness, and thankfully i was already feeling increasingly asymptomatic so i turned it down and that doctor had the nerve to tell me i was risking my life and he said he didn’t want to see me “turn green in the hospital,” referring to cases he had seen, alluding to liver failure. I was the same patient that had been told by every doctor i consulted that my somewhat but not very much elevated liver function tests were “normal for you.”

    They were just at that time beginning to have a viral load test ready to use, a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. It was expensive and doctors didn’t readily order it, LFTs (ALT and AST) were considered to be enough. When i finally had a PCR test, my viral load was about 520,000. That is relatively low, considering many patients are in the 10s of 1000s and higher. I was pretty asymptomatic by then. (over the succeeding years, mine continued to get lower each time, i’d do it every couple of years, the last time i did it, it was about 150,000)

    And that’s when i understood Bieler’s rejection of the germ theory of disease. I had evidence that i was carrying this virus, hepatitis C, but i did not have disease. I used to have disease. Making some rather radical nutritional changes apparently resulted in changes in my body that resulted in the end of symptoms i’d had for 20 years which had been getting steadily worse over time. Before i started healing, i was wanting to be tested for cryoglobulinemia which apparently was associated with chronic hepatitis c and caused a lot of symptoms i had had. Medicine was beginning to show interest in hepatitis C—my germ !!!

    But without their help, i was getting better and better, and all they were offering was a medicine that made people really really sick, sometimes permanently, and had to be taken for 6 months to a year. that wasn’t an option for me, i had a full time job, a child, and no way to pay my rent if i didn’t work. The side effects would make it impossible to work or adequately care for my child.

    But i didn’t need their experimental questionable drug. Even though my germ was still in me, i was no longer ill. I was on an email list for people with Hep C and learning a lot about other people’s experiences with it, and it seemed most people who did test negative for the virus after interferon treatment, still didn’t feel very well. They didn’t have the germ anymore but they felt sick and tired and ill from the meds. They were still diseased.

    I think you can understand what i’m saying about seeing what Bieler meant by giving up the germ theory of disease. He got totally into his nutritional approach, treated a lot of movie stars with great success, got famous. I haven’t given up the germ theory of disease, i’ve just come to see it differently. Germs may or may not cause disease. That was what got Bieler to question it, seeing cases where two people had the same germ but only one of them was sick and the other one wasn’t. So more was going on in the explanation of disease than just germs.

    btw, if there is a question about whether even though i have become asymptomatic, the virus is still causing progressive liver damage, i’ve had the virus since the late 60s or mid 70s, long enough now that some cirrhosis or fibrosis symptoms should be showing. I had a (very rare) neuroendocrine tumor (benign) on my pancreas (insulinoma) which was surgically removed in late 2014 by a world class pancreatic biliary surgeon, someone who has seen a lot of diseased livers. After my surgery, i asked him, “How did my liver look?” He said “Your liver looks great,” with a smile.

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