Insulin Pump Blogs

I have noticed a sharp increase in the number of insulin pump consults I receive. I believe that every insulin pumper should have a support group. But since that is not always possible I wanted to post a list of blogs that would be beneficial. All of them are excellent.

insulin pump demystified -A writer on an insulin pump.

Six Until Me – The life and times of an insulin pump wearer.

Diabetes Mine – This blogger is very knowledgeable about pumps.

Scott’s Journal – Another personal favorite.

Hanselman – More of a technical blog but the blogger does wear a pump.

Candid Diabetes – Pumping with attitude!

Stick It – Brand new to the world of pumping.

Also, I have just added a group at specifically for insulin pumpers called “Insulin Pumpers Count” Just register for Iowa Avenue and join the group.


3 responses to “Insulin Pump Blogs

  1. Scott K. Johnson

    Thanks Diana!I do believe that Amy T. of Diabetes Mine wears an OmniPod.

  2. Diana Young, RD, LD, CDE

    whoops! My bad.

  3. Hi Diana,Yes, I have posted extensively about the OmniPod. I would also like to talk with you, so please email me at! AmyT of

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