Iowa Avenue – A Weight Management Community

If you haven’t checked out Iowa Avenue, I encourage you to do so. I’m so impressed, I became a member. So far there are 13 members but I know that will grow by leaps and bounds. Here is a post from the blog:

Iowa Avenue is a dynamic community connecting people in a meaningful way for a meaningful purpose.
Our primary mission is to support our community with the best weight management information, expert advice, via the Internet, to help all of our users to keep, prevent, or treat overweight and obesity by focusing on three main issues. They are:
Iowa Avenue Social Community – have friends and family support you in your journey for proper weight management and goals; have access to different educational advice, expert opinions, technology driven tools; sponsor your own blogs; and share you experiences with an interesting, and very diverse and dynamic community.
Food, exercise, and portion sizes – by learning about the relationship of foods and their caloric measurements, exercise and its multifaceted benefits, and the importance of portion size within your daily eating plan, you’ll be able to take the first steps in your journey toward a healthy lifestyle.
Current Research – by learning what the experts are discovering, you’re better able to make informed decisions about the food you eat, the exercise program you choose, and how these choices may affect you and your family


To help you accomplish your weight loss goals Iowa Avenue has joined forces with Weight1Minute ™ to offer a free 1 year subscription (a $129.00 value) to Weight1Minute ™’s Software Application, on-line behavioral modification emails, and continuous upgrades to the first 500 people.

You really have nothing to lose by joining, except some weight.

So what are you weighting for? Join Iowa Avenue now.

Until next time,

The Menu Coach

2 responses to “Iowa Avenue – A Weight Management Community

  1. I am a member if Iowa Avenue and it is nice to know that I am part of a growing support community.

  2. Diana Young, RD, LD, CDE

    As of 1/6/08 at 1030 EST, Iowa Avenue has 52 members! Yep we are growing by leaps and bounds. Come join us.

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