Everybody Dance Now

Dancing to music is one of the best aerobic exercises there is. To keep myself in shape I dance to 8 songs every day. You can do it too. I have an ipod so I just load 8 songs on a playlist. But a radio or CD player will work just fine.

Studies show that aerobic exercise does not have to be continuous for 30 minutes to reap the benefits. Therefore, I do not dance continuously until the entire playlist is complete. I dance in spurts. And I also dance behind closed doors. This is something just about anybody can do. To give you an example, my Playlist on-the-go #1 has the followings songs:

Buttons – PCD
Beep – PCD
Raspberry Beret – Prince
Don’t Cha – PCD
U&UR Hand – Pink
Sexy – French Affair
Into the Groove – Madonna
Pon de Replay – Rhianna

This equals 34 minutes total for the day. What’s on your dance playlist?

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