Paris Hilton’s Prison Menu

Are you worried that Paris won’t be fed enough in prison. Well, rest easy. According to state regulations all prison meals must be nourishing and appealing to the eye. Menus are based on a 2200 calorie meal pattern. California prisons cater to religious, health, and vegetarian preferences. Sources indicate that Paris’ Menu is as follows: Breakfast – cold cereal, hard boiled eggs and beverage. Lunch – Sandwich, fruit, gelatin, cookies and beverage. Dinner – hot entree, vegetables, dessert and beverage. Inmates must be allowed at least 15 minutes to eat and may trade their entree for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Inmates are free to purchase snacks from the commissary using money given to them by family and friends. Still worried about Paris? If she loses any weight in prison it will be of her own doing. Well, that takes a load off my mind. Until next time, TheMenuCoach.


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