Red Red Wine

MySpace GraphicsDid you know that moderate alcohol consumption may reduce heart disease risk? Studies show 1-2 drinks per day increases HDL – the good cholesterol, and may slow formation of LDL – the bad cholesterol. Further studies show alcohol may help prevent blood platelets, that cause heart attack and stroke, from clotting. Phytochemicals may be the reason for the heart healthy benefits and may also play a role in cancer prevention.
One serving of wine = 5 ounces. Women may benefit from 1 serving and men from 2 servings per day. If alcohol is not for you, try grape juice instead which also provides most of the same benefits.

Until next time,
Diana Young, RD, LD/N, CDE


One response to “Red Red Wine

  1. Jamun seeds, leaves, fruits and juice from syszygium cumin is beneficial as well.
    Portion Size Experiment – Get a three-section plate and eat your biggest meal on it.

    Usually, for most women there are no signs of symptoms.

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